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The clock is ticking, time is passing quickly, tick tock, tick tock!

Lights, Camera, ACTION!

After a year of planning, saving, and several trips to Idaho, the Cowgirl Chocolate Company is moving to Pilot Point, Texas in January 2018!
I am so excited to be privileged and honored to be the lucky one to take over for Marilyn Lysohir – founder and owner for the last 20 years, also fondly known as The Head Cowgirl. In 2007, the company was just an idea, a dream, and a love for gourmet chocolates which developed in her youth.

As I have talked with Marilyn over many hours during our training sessions and travels, and we shared many of our stories, and histories, I found we had in common a hidden dream of one day owning a specialty chocolate shop. I have since found, after meeting several of the chocolatiers that work with Marilyn to create her proprietary truffles and bars, that it generally starts that way: a job, a genuine interest, a love of the artistry in working with confections, and then the desire to enter the profession of Candy through retail, wholesale, or master creator – the chocolatier.
My journey started with an interview at a small, family owned, chocolate company in Carlsbad, California, when I was 19 years old. As luck would have it, or should I say, bad luck would have it, I was also a struggling college student and the work schedule offered conflicted with my class schedule and I had to pass on that job. But – I was hooked!
As life often does, my chocolate path took many segues, and after several years, my dream seemed so far from the direction I was heading. I tucked the idea back in my mind as a ‘maybe some day’ hope and dream. But as time continued to pass – it seemed less likely that I would ever realize my chocolate dream.

In 2007, I was bitten by the e-commerce bug and took the plunge into my other passion, Loose Leaf Teas. In 2015, I launched an e-commerce site for International Teas and Antique Tea Ware. I also earned my Tea Specialist Certification and was able to take several training classes offered by some the most renowned tea authorities from all over the world. But, the web site was not fulfilling my wish to have my own little tea house where I could share my tea experiences and introduce my customers to all of the things I had learned. In honesty, the tea culture is ‘an experience’ to be shared with friends, family, and complete strangers we may have just met. The web site was a bit sterile. I needed to add a brick and mortar presence so I could show my customers all the wonderful ways of tea.

I looked and looked, but could not find the perfect place. It was either too small, too big, or too expensive. It looked like I would have to find a way to make the web site work. A storefront wasn’t in the cards….. then, in January of 2017, I was in Moscow, Idaho, visiting a dear friend, and, also looking at commercial storefront space – I was always looking. As luck would have it, I found that the Cowgirl Chocolate Company, had become available for sale. My mind started racing – was it really possible? As a tea store was on my list of ‘to do’s’, was it really possible that a well-known and successful chocolate company was actually for sale and available to me?!
After much soul-searching, prayer, and negotiation — the deal was made, and Marilyn and I began the process of teaching me the in’s and out’s of a successful chocolate business. And, as another piece of the puzzle fell into place, a store space I have been wanting for 10 years in Pilot Point Square – became available in May. I saw it as – destiny. My dream and hopes coming to fruition. All of the pieces falling into place – one right after another!

And now, it is here. Marilyn finished out her Christmas Season. The trucks have been rented, my brother so graciously agreed to help me drive from Idaho to Texas, and I hit the road early next month. The entire enterprise moves over two weeks next month and I will be opening for customers in February 2018!

Excited doesn’t even begin to express the emotion I feel when I think about the future. After 35 years, my own Tea and Sweets Shop featuring the imports and novelties of 9 Lives Tea House and the delicacies of chocolate and confections from Cowgirl Chocolates! What more can you ask for!? We will feature a number of different candy selections – our own and creations from some of the best artisans. We will host tea tastings and offer classes for teas from countries around the world. We will offer gift packages for that special someone, a create your own gift basket package, and we can ship it for you too!

tea and chocolate 4
I have to pinch myself often. It is a wonderful feeling to know that what once was just a dream, can become a reality if we have a little faith and follow the paths and signs set out before us – often in plain sight…. when you least expect it!

Watch for our Formal Announcement! But in the meantime, find your zen and everyone, tip those tea cups!
Judith A. Ames
CEO/COO – 9 Lives Tea House / Soon to be – Head Cowgirl for Cowgirl Chocolates


In Praise of the Old!


As I take over the new building on Main Street, I find myself marveling at the old wood floors, tin ceilings, and most of all – the wonderful smell of ‘age’, ‘history’, and ‘the past’.


Future Home of 9 Lives Tea House/Cowgirl Chocolates

I grew up with much older parents. My mom and dad were born in the early 20’s and my grandmother in 1880’s. Because I cam along so late, she was the only grandparent I had the opportunity to know. She was one of my best friends. I think we were a lot alike, she and I. She was wise, kind-hearted, and mischievous all rolled into a just under 5 foot tall package. We were definitely kindred spirits.

Antiques were everywhere in our house and as I was able to purchase my own house, the old, recycled furniture became a part of my household collection. There wasn’t one particular style I liked, so it all was a mix and match set. At the time, I owned my first house in New England. A very dangerous place for an antique lover like myself. Many weekends were spent scouring the historical towns and shops for a piece I just had to have.

My aunt and uncle were antique dealers and their house was full of stuff. They ran their business out of an old Victorian home in California. I used to love visiting. The smell of the old furniture was intoxicating – for me anyway. I used to dream – someday, maybe I will have my own antique building, or antique store.

I believe that is what drew me to this building on the Main Street square. The first thing that hits you when you open the door to the loft or the store is the smell of old, aged wood. It never ceases to bring a smile to my face, and a feeling of thankfulness for being the lucky one to be able to have this opportunity to open my first storefront in this building and to be able to live above the business.

However, today, I began to worry – “will this wood aroma affect or permeate my tea?” Quality, loose leaf teas are easily affected by light, moisture, and smells. Or, then I thought, “would my tea possibly affect the aroma of the wood in this building?”


As with everything that this building has experienced in its’ 140 plus years, I believe the teas will seep into the old wood doors, concrete floors, and tin ceilings. The aromas will compliment each other and create a whole new aroma experience.

That’s what makes this place such a perfect choice for the new store. Between the musty, smoky wood, the fresh tea leaves or the smell of a fresh brewed cup, AND the delicate, gourmet chocolate that will be added with the addition of the Cowgirl Chocolate company, I have a feeling I will find myself having to shoo the customers on their way.

I can’t wait to open the doors to this culinary and aromatic experience. It will be wonderful to see our customers lingering and enjoying all of the product choices.

My vision and plans include creating a true cafe’ experience. I have over 26 tea classes to offer for folks that wish to learn more about loose leaf teas brought in from all over the world. And, because each year brings new flavors, the classes will continuously be anew. The nuances and varieties between countries and tea regions never ceases to amaze me. Like a fine wine, tea is paired with different foods and each influences the flavor and experience of each other.

We should be open early 2018 – there are still so many things to do, but maybe I can sneak in a couple of classes in for anyone that wants to dip their toe in the world of tea. Follow us on Facebook or follow this blog for any announcements. I am so looking forward to sharing what I know with my customers.

Looking forward to meeting you’all. Be sure and stop by to check out the store!

Judith A. Ames – ‘Find Your Zen and Do The Brew’ – everyone, tip those tea cups!

9 Lives Tea House/Cowgirl Chocolates

Main St., Pilot Point, Texas



My Tea and Sweets Cafe’



Good things come to those who wait! All in good time….. Sayings that I have ingrained into my existence. I knew when I started my ‘TEA’ experience, there would be hills to climb, obstacles to surpass, and trials and tribulations – so goes life! After all, I was embarking on the adventure of tea –  a tonic that has been around since the Shang Dynasty as a medicinal drink, dating to the 3rd century AD. Drinking tea became popular in Britain during the 17th century. To enter the Tea World – one must pay respect and some dues.


When I completed my degree from UNT, I was elated, mostly because now, finally – now, I could dedicate my time to my new tea venture – 9 Lives Tea House. The website had been designed and a preliminary launch was accomplished in 2014. E-commerce has been a rough learning curve. The technology expands and adjusts at a lightening pace. I have been ‘technically’ challenged, or technically hesitant, however you wish to look at it. My website – although secure and sound for today’s mobile market, already needs a major upgrade and revision. One I am about to undertake….. all in good time.. lol

My ultimate dream in the tea world was to take 9 Lives to a physical presence – a brick and mortar, where I can offer the tea experience to my clients and share what I have learned about this delightful indulgence. I have tried many times to secure the perfect location to open my tea shop. Every time, there was something in the way; the timing was not right, someone else won the bid, the owner of the ‘perfect’ building decided to sell it instead of lease. I met with frustration at every turn. But, I am not one to give up easily, after all – there was the ‘all in good time’ part of my mantra.


Well – last week, my opportunity finally came! A building I had been looking at and wishing to acquire for 10 years – became available for lease. An 1800’s building in Old Pilot Point Square, formerly an antique store, will now become my first Tea House. In addition, I am in the process of acquiring a well-established candy business – another long-time dream from my childhood. Words cannot describe how excited, hopeful, and blessed I feel about the opportunity before me.

Though it will take me a bit to get it all set up, I hope to open my new tea and sweets shop early 2018. If I can at all make it happen – perhaps by Christmas Season 2017, but it has taken me this long to get to this point, a few months is not too much longer to wait.

And – with that – my third and fourth mantras:

Patience is a virtue!

and then,

On to the next!


Watch for my formal announcement and in the meantime, ‘Find Your Zen and Do The Brew’ – everyone, tip those tea cups!

Judith A. Ames

9 Lives Tea House and Candy Shoppe